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musical sound

The sound that captures your soul and forms a pathway through our imagination is the best description of AJ Ghent Band.

Electric Themes

Comprised of modern trends and necessities, our music helps you recall all the fine moments about life.

Travel Excursion

Defining genres and coming out on top tends to define some of the best journeys that take place through the world of music. 

About AJ Ghent

Unique talent, mixed with the credibility to let the music speak, tends to take the stage when AJ Ghent is up.

See Every Shopping Concert

Take a glimpse of what occurs both on and off stage, to get a better understanding about how things function through the mind of a musician.

After The Shows

He can truly claim and aim for are the heart and soul.

World Of Music

He recognizes that in the world of music, like every other industry, things get very political very fast.

Enjoy Watching And Listening To AJ Ghent [ J-Ent ] , And Check Out Some Of AJ’s Features

Feeling music tends to start from the musician and lands with the listener. AJ Ghent is here to give you that very feeling.

People Says About Us

“As soon as they announced AJ Ghent, I was hooked on to it, his pieces of music are my Diet Of Life, and the entire concert was a beautiful experience”.  

Robin P. Roberts

A Sound

The genres of southern rock


Fans supports on his band to the stage

AJ and his singing guitar are guaranteed to catapult the band straight to the top of the music world.

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Our Blog

The Best Albums of 2019 So Far

2019 has been another year with your favourite artists creating music which is soothing for your mind and soul. Here is a list of the best albums the musicians have given us so far, in no particular order. Read this

Bon Iver – i, i

From the band who won millions of hearts with their seminal album ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’, here is another classic indie-folk album which suits best for broken hearts. His music is often used on the best casinos, giving players the thrill of playing. The album has uniquely designed tracks with strange but blissful music which makes this album as good as their previous works.

Brockhampton – Ginger

Brockhampton is known for making soulful R&B sings to give their listeners something new to listen to. The album is their second project which has successfully won the hearts of people with an energetic list of tracks performed by the group. To hear more about their masterpieces please click here! Brockhampton was formed after Kevin Abstract found artists from Kanye West fan forum as his own attempt to start a new band.

Taylor Swift – Lover

Taylor Swift has returned with a new pop music album after taking a two-year-long break which reached its heights in no time. The album ‘Lovers’ features several other artists as well, such as Lana Del Ray. There are plenty of elements and emotions in the tracks after the artist suffered great controversies over her feud with Kanye.

Young Thug – So Much Fun

Jeffrey Williams a.k.a. Young Thug has been in the news for his taste in Hip Hop as well as his appearance in Camilla Cabello’s viral ‘Havana’. He has also contributed in Donald Glover’s ‘This Is America’ and now his debut album So Much Fun is blowing the charts with a roster of Hip Hip artists like J.Cole, Travis Scott, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Uzi Vert, and Future.

Chance the Rapper – The Big Day

After his EP – Colouring Book, Chance is back with his debut album- The Big Day. The album feature several tracks which are related to his wedding out of overall 22 tracks. Some of the tracks in the album are Handsome, Big Fish ft. Gucci Mane, Death Cab for Cutie, and many more.

Florist – Emily Alone

This is the third album by Florist which is a reference to Emily Sprague flying solo. The tracks are mournfully beautiful to listen to and talks about a natural world. Some of the tracks in this album are Moon Begins, Rain Song, Shadow Bloon, and Time is a Dark Feeling.

Mike – Tears of Joy

New York-based rapper Michael Jordan Bonema a.k.a. Mike is famous for his spaced-out and trippy rap music. Tears of Joy is a mellow yet bright album which gives a strange feeling in both its volumes. The album is divided into two parts and has an oozing flow in all the tracks.

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